Congratulations! You’re moving into a new rental. However, chances are, you don’t feel like celebrating. Moving can be extremely stressful, and your to-do list has a thousand items to check off before you can settle in. The good news is that there are many ways you can ease some of that stress. In this article, you can learn some helpful packing tips for moving and other best practices for moving into a new space. Afterwards, hopefully some stress will be lifted off your shoulders.

Check with your Landlord

Your landlord is a wealth of information for what you need to know about your new home. They know the property inside and out, so they most likely have an answer for every question you’re wondering about.

In your first few conversations, let them know the time you’re planning on arriving, ask where you can pick up your keys, and whether they want to be physically present for the move. You may also want to see if you need to block off a specific time to use the elevator or ask about getting specific measurements for your unit.

Getting these questions answered will certainly make you feel a little less intimidated, but it will also initiate an open line of conversation between you and your new landlord. Knowing that they’re knowledgeable, kind, and communicative can help you feel more at home.

Consider Hiring Professional Movers

Who wants to handle all the heavy lifting that comes with moving into a new apartment? Besides the benefit of not throwing your back out when lifting overstuffed boxes, hiring professional movers can make your moving process faster, safer, and easier. These movers have all the necessary supplies to make sure your items stay intact and safe, like boxes, tape, trucks, moving dollies, and experienced workers.

Also, professional movers are insured. If they damage your items or your rental, they will handle payment to either you or your landlord.

Make sure you ask your landlord where they can park the moving truck and whether you need to purchase a temporary parking pass. Parking your truck in the wrong spot can result in expensive tickets and can start your relationship with your landlord off on the wrong foot.

Be Smart with your Packing

Here are some helpful packing tips when preparing to move:

Consider leaving your clothes in the dresser and using press-and-seal to seal the drawers. Instead of taking all your clothes out of your dressers and packing them in separate boxes, consider just sealing your dresser drawers shut with press-and-seal and moving the dresser with the clothes still inside.

Pack larger electronics in their original cases. Especially for televisions, packing electronics in their original boxes can help keep that item as safe as possible in a big move. Also, it helps when you’re trying to figure out what item is in which box, because it still has its original labelling.

Label your boxes. You can label your boxes by either what that box contains (I.e., “dishes”, “towels”, etc.) or where the items in that box are going to be stored (like “kitchen”, “bathroom”, or “bedroom”). This makes it easier for you and for movers to know where each box should go.

Make sure you’re prepared before movers arrive. Most movers charge by the hour. It’s in your best interest to be sure that you’re fully prepared when they arrive by having all your items properly packed and labelled, so you are getting the most out of the money you spend for these professionals.

Turn on Utilities the Day Before

Coordinate with the proper utility companies to make sure that your utilities are functioning the day before you move in. You’ll need water and electricity right away, so in having them turned on the day before, you can be sure that you won’t be without those necessities.

Final Thoughts

Once you’re all unpacked and settled, the stress of moving will be forgotten. But in an effort to make the process as painless as possible, try to follow the steps above.

Also, once the movers have left and you’re sitting among piles of boxes, don’t stress about unpacking everything right away. Only unpack the absolute necessities—and since your kitchen items are still packed away, use that as an excuse to try a cool restaurant in your new neighborhood. Relax and unwind before jumping into unpacking, decorating, and organizing your new space.