It is essential to know about the details of an official lightsaber dueling when you buy it online. In the online market, many brands are selling official lightsaber dueling, but consumers need to buy the best one at a reasonable price. So before buying, people should study all the features of the best lightsaber dueling.

What is Lightsaber Dueling:-

Official lightsaber dueling is a weapon used in a battle between two people. It is also used in a battle game. So, it is used when two opponents or more than that using lightsabers to duel with each other by using like to cut through the blast doors or any enemies; mostly, Jedi is that who is used lightsabers as their weapon, as a lightsaber is a signature weapon in the Star Wars universe. Also, it is unnecessary to use this by all the opponents; at least one combatant can use a lightsaber, and others can use any different-bladed weapon to engage in a duel.

If talking about how official lightsaber dueling can be used for playing a game or any saber duel sport, then the rule looks like, inside a circle marked floor, combatants go to fight with their weapon lightsaber.

They need to strike the head or body, which carries five points, by the weapon, or strike the arms or legs of opponents, which carries three points; else, strike on hands with one point. So, whoever first reaches the 15 points will be the winner.

Lightsaber dueling is now official, as in France, as a competitive sport, it is officially recognized. Also, saber duel sports are popular now among people and game lovers.

Find the Perfect Official Lightsaber Dueling Online

A lightsaber first appeared as a fictional energy sword featured in the Star Wars Franchise. But then it introduces as a sport, and now people can buy this lightsaber and get it as a toy from the market for their children.

To do a good saber duel, people must buy a good lightsaber or lightsaber sword, also available online. Online is the best place to buy lightsabers as wide varieties are available. But before that, people need to know about the feature and functions of an excellent lightsaber to find the perfect official lightsaber dueling online.

A good and typical lightsaber is ornated as a blade of luminescent plasma, which is about 3 feet in length, and thrown down from a metal hilt whose length is also around 10.5 inches. And the functions of a good lightsaber are to duel, blaster the bolt deflection, it also helps to cut solid materials, also deflecting force, and it is used as the source of lightning.

  • To find the perfect official lightsaber dueling online, here are some lightsabers that can be accessible to search, such as the Skywalker lightsaber, which is rich with history; the dark saber, which is a bridge between two worlds, the Purple lightsaber; the Inquisitor’s lightsabers, is also terrifying.

Apart from this, below are some more points that need to focus on while finding the perfect official lightsaber dueling online to buy:

  • A good quality metal cover is one of the features of a perfect official lightsaber dueling online.
  • Top quality product at a very reasonable price.
  • A neo-pixel lightsaber with different sound fonts and colors can be a good choice.
  • A good speaker quality.
  • A brighter blade.

These points need to be focused on in a perfect lightsaber online. Besides, many more options are available in lightsabers, like elite sabers, profile 2.2 sabers, dueling sabers, double-bladed sabers, etc.

Name of Lightsaber Duelist

If talking about who is the best lightsaber duelist? Then the answer is many more names come as best lightsaber duelists. But across the web, from the sources, Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, and Luke Skywalker are the best lightsaber duelist.

Else, across the nine movies, Anakin is one of the best lightsaber duelists, showing immense skill and power in his all-lightsaber duels. Apart from them, there are many more names for lightsaber duelists in Star Wars.

Star Wars Dual Saber:-

What is better than Star Wars dual saber if talking about saber duels? At present, it is become more famous due to the Star Wars film franchise, as saber duel is the primary key of this franchise by the lightsaber.

Star Wars dual saber is similar to the lightsaber duel, where Jedi used an elegant weapon against their enemies in a more civilized age. Star Wars dual saber is now present to the world as a video game known as a Wii fighting video game based on the Star Wars clone wars.

It significantly impacts the online sale of lightsaber dueling as the Star Wars dual saber is also very famous worldwide, increasing interest among the people towards lightsaber dueling, which attracts people to buy official lightsaber dueling online.


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