If you plan to buy a new laptop, check out the Razer blade 15 2018 h2. The device is designed to give you powerful performance and a great display. Read on to learn more about its features and specs.

Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 Overview

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop, consider the Razer Blade 15 2018 H2. This machine features a sleek design and high-performance hardware, making it perfect for playing games and other high-end tasks.

The screen on the Razer Blade 15 is bright and vibrant. Its 15.6-inch FHD display features a 16:9 aspect ratio and a refresh rate of 144Hz. In addition, it’s optimized for High Dynamic Range.

The keyboard on the Razer Blade 15 is comfortable and features backlit keys. Plus, it’s made from metal and has a responsive touchpad.

One of the best things about this laptop is it’s exceptionally lightweight. Thanks to its slim chassis, the laptop is only 78mm thick. That makes it easy to carry around.

Another reason to consider the Razer Blade 15 2018 H2 is its battery life. The battery on this machine lasts for five hours. However, you must note that you cannot run games on the battery.

Razer is a reputable brand when it comes to gaming devices. The company has manufactured computer cases, all-in-one liquid coolers, and peripherals.

Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 2019 Specs

The Razer Blade 15 is one of the top gaming laptops on the market. It’s powerful, lightweight, and portable, making it the perfect choice for gamers who need to travel.

While it’s not relatively as thin as the Acer Predator Triton 500 or the MSI GS75 Stealth, it does feature a high-resolution display. That’s good for games because the 144Hz refresh rate ensures a quick response.

The Razer Blade 15 is available in various configurations and comes with the latest 8th-generation Intel Core i7-8750H processor. It has a base clock of 2.2GHz but can boost to 3.6GHz. However, more is needed to keep up with the fastest games.

With 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, the Razer Blade 15 2018 H2 is designed to handle the most demanding games. If you need even more, you can upgrade to 32GB or 64 GB.

The Razer Blade 15 is also packed with features. It’s got a photo editor, an SD card reader, and links to Hulu and Netflix. Plus, you can play games using the built-in Shadow Play feature. You can also use Chroma Studio to add custom lighting effects to your keyboard.

Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 Display

Razer Blade 15 2018 H2 is a gaming laptop that delivers the best performance possible. It is loaded with luxury-grade components and offers a perfect blend of portability and performance.

The Razer Blade 15 has a sleek, compact aluminium chassis that is sturdy. It weighs about 4 pounds and is just 0.78 inches thick. It comes with a 15.6-inch display that is bright, responsive, and transparent. In addition, the screen has a native refresh rate of 144 Hz. This makes the display much more accurate and helps gamers get a better perspective.

Aside from its powerful gaming capabilities, the Razer Blade 15 can also be used for work or other activities. It has an HDMI port, a USB-C Thunderbolt 3 port, and three full-sized USB-A ports. However, it does lack an Ethernet port.

This laptop can handle the most demanding games with a 16GB GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q GPU and 16GB of RAM. Plus, the Razer Blade 15 includes a dedicated graphics processor, enabling it to run various games.

Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 Performance

The Razer Blade 15 2018 H2 is one of the best gaming laptops available. It offers excellent performance and features a high-end graphics card. However, some issues may discourage users.

One issue with the Razer Blade 15 is that the battery is short. This means that gamers have to keep the charger connected while they play. Also, the CPU is hot. If you plan to use it long, consider looking at a different model.

On the other hand, the screen has a 144Hz native refresh rate. Additionally, the display has a reasonable contrast ratio and excellent viewing angles. These features make it a great choice for watching movies or playing video games.

Another nice feature is the IPS technology that the Razer Blade 15 uses. This provides for a brighter display that has a better contrast ratio.

The Razer Blade 15 has a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS panel. It also includes a touchpad.

This laptop has an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q graphics card. In addition, it has a six-core Intel Core i7-8750H processor. With 16GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD, this laptop can handle demanding games.

Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 Battery

If you are looking for a great gaming laptop, consider the Razer Blade 15 2018 H2. The machine is one of the best-looking models on the market and has plenty of great features. It’s also water-resistant to IP65 standards.

The machine will be a perfect fit if you’re a gamer or video editor. You’ll be able to take advantage of the mighty GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q graphics card and Nvidia Gforce GTX 1070 graphics processor.

Whether playing a multiplayer game, editing videos or just surfing the web, you’ll enjoy the performance and smoothness of the Razer Blade 15. And with the powerful components and excellent cooling, you’ll be able to run your favourite games for a long time.

The battery life isn’t as impressive as some other gaming machines, but it’s still adequate for a laptop. You should get about four hours of battery life on a full charge.

Having a mechanical keyboard is an obvious plus for this machine. Besides, it clicks deeper than most other laptops, making typing easier.

Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 Features

If you are a gamer, you should look at the Razer Blade 15 2018 H2. This laptop has impressive features, excellent performance, and an impressive design. The sleek and stylish Ultrabook is perfect for gamers who demand crystal-clear detail.

The display on this laptop is IPS and has a reasonable contrast ratio. It also has a 144Hz refresh rate. The maximum brightness is 400 nits. Besides, the display has an excellent horizontal viewing angle.

You can use the Razer Synapse software to customize the laptop according to your needs. It allows you to control the speed of the GPU, fan speed, and more. In addition, it has a power saver mode.

The keyboard on the laptop is comfortable and responsive. It is also equipped with a Touchpad. And, with the backlighting feature, you can easily customize the backlighting on the keyboard to the shade you want.

This laptop can expect excellent performance with the six-core Intel Core i7-8750H processor. Along with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q graphics card, you can play high-end games without experiencing lag.

Razer Blade 15 2018 h2 Alternative

The Razer Blade 15 2018 H2 is a gaming laptop that offers excellent performance, style, and affordability. It features an 8th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card.

Aside from gaming, the Razer Blade 15 is also great for work. Its thin profile and powerful performance make it one of the best choices in its class.

Aside from its impressive power, the Razer Blade 15 2018 H2 is also packed with luxury-grade components. For example, it uses a bespoke heat pipe system that optimizes the thermal threshold. In addition, the laptop has a high-speed refresh rate, which improves gaming performance.

An 8th-generation Intel Core i7-8750H Six-Core processor powers the Razer Blade 15 H2. This processor has a base clock speed of 2.2 GHz and a maximum turbo frequency of 4.1 GHz.

Aside from the processor, the Razer Blade 15 is also equipped with GeForce GTX 1060 6Gb graphics card. This card is capable of running most modern games at a 1080p resolution. However, it may not be suitable for 4K gaming.


If you are looking for a high-performance gaming laptop built with top-notch hardware, the Razer Blade 15 2018 H2 is a perfect choice. This model has a powerful processor, a dedicated graphics card, and a bright display.

The Razer Blade 15 is powered by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q graphics card. This graphics card offers good value and performance for the price. Its power requirements are lower than its predecessor, which makes it an excellent option for gamers on a budget.

Another great feature of the Razer Blade 15 is its 144Hz native refresh rate. The display is also bright and provides sound colour reproduction.

This model’s screen offers an impressive 141.2 PPI. That means you will see a lot of detail and a deep depth of field when playing games.

Another nice feature of the Razer Blade 15 is its wide range of ports. There is a USB Type-C port and Thunderbolt 3. These ports can transfer data at high speeds and are compatible with Thunderbolt 3 displays. In addition, this model includes a 3.5mm audio jack and a mini display port.

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