Like everything has an end, trees also have their time when they must be removed for several reasons like clearing the view, clearing the land for building purposes, or even safety reasons. Some homeowner when they decide to remove their trees, they go and get a chainsaw and a ladder thinking that it’s that simple to remove a tree.


But let me tell you that this decision might cause problems and serious injuries if not careful, tree removal should be left to professionals who are equipped and experienced, the bigger the tree the more this logic stands out. Let’s look at what unprofessional tree removal might cause.


Falling Injury

Falling off the tree is one of the worst accidents that might happen while cutting a tree since you need to start from the top to cut the branches at the top to be in more control of it when you cut the trunk. You need safety equipment that ties you to the tree while cutting those branches.

If you don’t have them and you are still planning to do it yourself, you are courting death or looking to cripple yourself, just get a tree service company and they will do the job for you for a reasonable price and maintain your health and stay safe.


Chainsaw Safety

A chainsaw is a powerful tool because of its effectiveness in cutting wood and scary because of its recoil when it encounters hard objects like a hard part of a tree or iron nails, if you are not careful and focussing during the work the chainsaw might recoil and injure you or even kill you.


Professional arborists are experienced in using chainsaws, and they are also equipped with the best safety equipment, just get them to do it for you.



You can’t just randomly cut the tree and let fall anywhere, you have to calculate the center of its weight and size and then direct the tree to where you want it to fall, if you make a small miscalculation, the tree might fall on your home or you car result in big damage.


You wanted to save money only to end up losing more money, you need to be trained by pros to calculate the direction of the fall and be successful in your project, don’t risk the safety of your home and just hire certified arborists to do it safely for you. 


Decaying Wood

If the tree you want to cut is decaying and you have no way to find out or maybe you never considered this scenario because of your lack of experience, and you proceed to cutting the tree which most likely will end up getting it falling on you.


You must know the state of the tree before trying to cut it, this is another thing to make you consider giving up the idea of removing the tree yourself and harming your body.



There may be different rules and regulations for removing a tree depending on where you are, and you might get a penalty if you do this without a license.

Just hire a tree service company that has it and save yourself the hassle of trying to get it and wasting so much time.

Tree removal is very risky and time-consuming if you try to do it yourself and might end up a tragedy because of lack of experience. Show some care for yourself by saving yourself from unnecessary problems by hiring professionals to do the hard work for you.