The ASUS tuf fx705 is a powerful gaming laptop that can take on any modern game at high settings. Despite having a few shortcomings, it’s still a great value for its price.

Its sturdy construction and compact form factor make it an excellent choice for aspiring gamers who don’t have to break the bank. It also has a bright, 144-Hz IPS display.

ASUS Tuf fx705 Laptop Overview

The ASUS tuf fx705 Laptop Overview is one of the most affordable gaming laptops in the market today. It features a high-end hexa-core 8th gen Intel i7 processor and NVidia GTX 1060 graphics at a price point of Rs 1,24,990.

This hexa-core processor is capable of handling the most demanding games and tasks with ease. It also has a decent amount of RAM to help speed up the game load times.

Graphics-wise, the laptop runs games smoothly and is capable of rendering high fidelity textures. Moreover, the laptop’s 144Hz display ensures smooth blur-free gameplay.

In terms of connectivity, the tuf fx705 laptop comes with Wave 2 Intel Wi-Fi module alongside Bluetooth 5.0 and Gigabit LAN support. In addition, it comes with USB 3.0 ports, HDMI output and a headphone jack.

On the exterior, the tuf fx705 is designed with toughness in mind. Its aluminum Gunmetal Grey or black plastic cover features the Radiating-X design with a sand-blasted or brushed finish. The lid is complemented with a chrome Asus logo.

ASUS tuf fx705 Laptop design

The ASUS tuf fx705 is a powerful gaming laptop that delivers a good performance for its price. It is powered by a 3.7 GHz ryzen_5_3550h processor and 8GB of RAM. It also features a GTX 1050 Ti GPU that provides great gaming graphics.

The exterior of the ASUS tuf fx705 has a sleek design. The lid of the laptop has a Radiating-X pattern with a brushed metal finish. It also features a parallelogram-shaped power button and Asus logo.

It is available in two color variants, Gold Steel and Red Matter. The latter version comes with a red backlit Asus logo and some accents around the lid and palm rest.

The plastic chassis is relatively sturdy and has a textured finish. The lid of the laptop is also easy to open. Moreover, the lid is also resistant to scratches. This makes the ASUS tuf fx705 very durable and long-lasting.

ASUS tuf fx705 Laptop Specifications

The ASUS tuf fx705 Laptop is a gaming laptop that delivers a great combination of power and durability. It features a powerful AMD Ryzen 5 processor, Vega 8 graphics and a 256GB SSD.

The laptop also comes with a IPS display that provides high-quality visuals, and it has a patented anti-dust cooling system to extend its lifespan. Its MIL-STD-810G test certification means that it can withstand day-to-day use without compromising its performance.

It’s also a great choice for gamers, as it comes with a wide range of games and Asus’s own ArmorTek technology to protect its internal components. You can get the tuf fx705 in several different configurations, including one that’s equipped with a Core i7 CPU and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 GPU.

The tuf fx705 performed well in most of the games we tested. At high settings, it was able to run games such as StarCraft 2 (113.6 FPS), GTA V (48.3 FPS), The Witcher 3 (35.9 FPS) and Battlefield V (45.3 FPS). However, it had to be played at lower settings for AAA titles such as Metro Exodus and Mafia 3.

ASUS tuf fx705 Laptop Screen

The ASUS tuf fx705 Laptop Screen is a great addition to the laptop, with a full HD IPS panel and wide viewing angles that deliver rich and consistent colors. The display is also able to reproduce darker parts of an image, which can be useful when watching movies or playing games in low ambient light.

In terms of brightness, the ASUS tuf fx705 can reach up to 341 nits (cd/m2) at its optimum, which is higher than the recommended sRGB optimum of a white point of D65. However, this is still a relatively low maximum brightness for the screen, so it’s not ideal for working or playing in dim lighting conditions.

For gamers, the ASUS tuf tf705 can deliver great performance thanks to its pairing of an AMD Ryzen 5 3550H APU and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU. The combination of these two hardware components allows the laptop to manage most current and future games at medium to high settings.

The ASUS tuf tf705 is a good choice for gamers who want a laptop that’s affordable and durable enough to survive a variety of gaming scenarios. Its 144Hz IPS-level screen delivers smooth gameplay and consistent visuals, with a wide-view angle and 100% sRGB color gamut to make sure the colors are as true and vibrant as possible.

ASUS tuf fx705 Laptop battery

The ASUS tuf fx705 Laptop battery is an important part of any gaming laptop. It allows the computer to function for long periods of time without having to use the AC adapter.

The battery should be kept in a cool, dry place to prolong its lifespan. It also needs to be charged and discharged frequently.

It is best to avoid placing the battery near magnetic fields or metal objects as this can cause it to short circuit and shorten its life span. In addition, you should keep the battery away from direct sunlight as this will degrade its performance and longevity.

The tuf fx705 has a 17.3-inch, Full HD display that produces a detailed picture. The panel’s 144-Hz refresh rate means that you can play most games smoothly and accurately.

ASUS tuf fx705 Laptop features

The Asus tuf fx705 Laptop is part of the company’s TUF series, which are designed to last and be tough enough to survive daily use. The laptop is available in a variety of finishes, including Gunmetal Grey and black plastic covers.

As far as gaming goes, the laptop does a good job of handling most AAA titles at 1080p on high settings. However, a few games like Metro Exodus and Mafia 3 required reduced graphics settings.

Overall, the TUF FX705 is an affordable gaming laptop that can handle most games at high settings. It also has a decent amount of RAM and is fast in most benchmarks.

The laptop is fairly thin, and weighs 5.8 lbs (2.6 kg). It has small 7.2 mm bezels around the screen, but a large 14 mm forehead that accommodates the camera and microphones. It’s also a fairly well-built computer.

ASUS tuf fx705 Laptop alternative

The ASUS tuf fx705 Laptop is a great alternative for gamers on a budget who are looking for a gaming laptop. It offers a good combination of price, performance and display.

The laptop sports a 17.3-inch display that is capable of delivering a richer picture and a 144Hz refresh rate. This allows for smooth blur-free gameplay.

It also features a GTX 1060 graphics chip. This can make a big difference in game performance, and the TUF FX705 did well in most games we tried.

The laptop also comes with a decent set of ports including 3x USB-A slots, HDMI 2.0, LAN and audio outputs. The only thing that is missing is a USB Type-C port and a card reader.


The ASUS tuf fx705 is a well-built gaming laptop that offers strong performance at an affordable price. It has a powerful Intel Core i7-8750H processor and a high-end Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card.

The FX705 has a 17-inch display with a 144 Hz IPS panel and offers good viewing angles. It also has a very good color gamut.

In addition, it has an excellent contrast ratio. This is a very important feature for gamers.

The Asus FX705 has a lot of ports and is a very well-equipped gaming laptop. It comes with a full number pad and a backlit keyboard. It also has a trackpad that supports Windows 10 gestures. It is also a great choice for gamers who want to game in low-light conditions.

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