What is the cat scratching for? 

  1. Cats are natural hunters, and their scratching behavior is a way of marking their territory.
  2. Fleas can lay eggs on the cat’s fur, which will hatch into larvae and pupae.
  3. The larvae and pupae will feed on the cat’s skin, causing irritation and aching.
  4. The cheristin flea treatment for cats must be effective if the cat is still scratching after it has been applied.
  5. The cat is cleaning itself to remove dirt and debris.
  6. The cat is looking for a place to do its business.
  7. The cat may have an injury or wound that it needs to clean and heal.
  8. Cats are obligate carnivores and must have a diet that includes meat to thrive. Fleas, parasites, can only survive on a warm-blooded animal and are an essential part of a cat’s diet.
  9. Fleas can lay up to 200 eggs per day, and within 24 hours of being hatched, the larvae will start to feed on the host’s blood.
  10. A cat’s flea life cycle (egg to egg) lasts about one week but can be shortened if the cat is treated with appropriate medication for the interval between egg laying and larval hatching. 11. Fleas cannot fly, so they must jump from host to host.

Reasons why a cat may still scratch after flea treatment

  • The flea treatment may not have effectively eliminated all of the fleas.
  • The cat may be allergic to flea bites, which can cause continued itching and scratching.
  • The cat may have developed secondary infections from scratching and biting their skin.
  • The cat may have a skin condition unrelated to fleas causing the scratching.

Cheristin for Cat: How does Cheristin flea treatment for cats help?

Most cats will stop scratching after a flea treatment is administered, but some continue to scratch for unknown reasons. One theory suggests that the scratching may be a form of self-purification, as the cat removes any dried blood from its body. 

Another theory suggests that scratching may be a way for the cat to release frustration or anger. Fleas can cause discomfort and inflammation in cats, so treating them as soon as possible is essential to prevent further cat health problems.

Flea treatment: What are the active ingredients? 

– Cats scratch for many reasons, including to remove excess hair, to mark territory, or to release energy. – Fleas can cause intense irritation of the skin, which may result in secondary bacterial infections.

– Flea saliva contains several toxic substances (i.e., cardenolide, chitin, chitosan) that are absorbed through the skin and enter the blood. – It has been shown that flea saliva can kill larvae of some other parasites, such as the dog tick (Ixodes ricinus).

How to address continued scratching after flea treatment

  • Check to ensure the flea treatment was applied correctly and is still effective.
  • Consult with a veterinarian to rule out any underlying skin conditions or infections.
  • Consider trying a different flea treatment product or method.
  • Keep the cat’s environment clean and free of fleas to prevent re-infestation.

Where do cats scratch when they have fleas?

The first thing to know is that cats ‘ behavior changes when they have a flea problem and may appear more downcast or depressed. It is also common to see them scratch in a very localized way, especially on the tail or behind the head.

What if my cat has fleas and sleeps with me?

Since fleas can also bite people, it is possible that if your cat has fleas and sleeps with you, one could bite you. But you don’t have to sleep together. A flea may bite you by sharing spaces such as sofas or even if the cat exclusively uses his bed.

What happens if I don’t get rid of fleas on my cat?

One aspect to consider when caring for your kitten is the problem that fleas can cause. These parasites are very abundant and transmit diseases, so their eradication is essential. Fleas on small cats become a health risk, so avoiding them is essential.

There are many different flea medications available for cats, and the best option for your cat may depend on a variety of factors, such as their age, weight, and overall health. But we recommended Kwikpets as the Best flea medicine for cats.

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